Leadership’s Grand theory

Leadership’s grand theory is poised to help deliver the best that leadership has to offer. Leadership’s grand theory explains how leadership works or does not work in any context. At the time the video was released, the grand theory was not announced, nor any portions of its research. Listen to Peter Northouse talk about theory and the practicality of a good theory. Northouse, James MacGregor Burns, and many other scholars understand what a grand theory will do for leadership. His Leadership Theory and Practice book is in our library. The book covers local and mid-range theories, with their strengths, and weaknesses, and a whole lot more. The design of his book is useful. We await the day that Peter Northouse writes about leadership’s grand theory, the sustainable-unsustainable leadership theory (SULT), and finds that it is not only practical for individuals, families, communities, organizations, but governments, presidents, and kings. The video was shared by Coursera.org

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