A New Paradigm: A New Definition for Leadership

Based on the general theory for leadership, a new definition is put forth for leadership in any context. Since it grounded in leadership’s grand theory (LGT), it helps to explain how leadership works.

Leader: “One who practices leadership”

Leadership: “A multiple-triadic relational practice of right-influence and or right-inspiration toward purposes and transcendence.”

Therefore, a leader is one who practices leadership. If there is not a practice of leadership, there are many appropriate descriptors for what one observes in the world. There is are observations of authoritarianism, presidents, CEOs, tyrants, mob bosses, heads of state, and many other descriptors. All too often, there is a conflation of leadership with a position. The conflation gives real leaders who practice leadership an unnecessarily so bad name. A leader could also have a position, but it is the practice that defines a leader, not the position.

The definition is new to promote understanding of the new paradigm shift of leadership, yet grounded in leadership’s grand theory (LGT) and supported by ancient literature as far back as 3,000 years.

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