Leadership in the Home: A Response

The globe is amidst several crises requiring leadership; to help avoid crises at a basic unit of society, leadership is also needed in the home. We are excited that Geoff McDonald initiated a discussion on leadership awards at home! Not that we should discuss who is the best leader in the home. The question raises an important point. Many do not consider the home, the space of the foundational societal unit, as a place where leadership could and should take place. “Leadership matters wherever it exists for the good or ill of people.” Empirically, leadership has existed from the throne to the home, and extend from the capitols to the streets. In the home and at the throne, leadership opportunities are present for those who have the divine right and those who chose to practice. At the capitols of the world to the streets where people meet are spaces where there is an election, selection, and those who still rise with some objection or as a matter of correction. If leadership at home is practiced according to leadership’s grand theory, not as it is commonly understood, the world would be a better place.

In each category, we will see, what the outcome of crises in the home and globally will be. I encourage all to do their best amidst life’s many personal and collective tests, then one who is greater will take care of the rest.

Leadership at Home

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