Leadership Lesson

Leadership Lesson: A couple of examples when leadership as it is commonly understood, brings degradation, harm, begin to fail, and fails. Leadership’s grand theory to be released addresses causes of failure, it provides a basis for preventative solutions.

First, before examining a video, understand there are many fine police officers. Next, examining a video, it is observed that one officer appears to be in the authority position and one who appears to be under such authority. The question to you, who attempts to practice leadership, and who does not? Which action influenced others, shortly thereafter? Some have the capacity to lead, but often negatively affected by those who lead by position.

Finally, some officers resigned after the suspension of two police officers in protest. It is understood that some contextual factors are not always seen or known. The protest could have been about one wrongly suspended. There is an overarching mentality present that negatively influences a context. Internally, it was initially reported the 75-year-old tripped. Leadership’s grand theory addresses the causes, thus providing a basis for preventative solutions (Nance, 2019).

Keep up to date on the release of leadership’s grand theory: https://lnkd.in/gD5sBxK

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