First License Issued for Method Premised on Leadership’s Grand Theory

First licensing for SULT method patent

The first licensing of the SULT method premised on leadership’s grand theory (LGT) is now complete. The signing is great news for the nation, licensor, licensee, and founders. The parties were able to successfully complete the first licensing agreement for the sustainable-unsustainable leadership theory method (SULT). Thus, the SULT method, like LGT, promises to deliver the best in leadership toward the best in life. SULT, with its five dimensions, is highly efficient and efficacious when compared to 101 or more must-haves generated by the industry. Important to realize, the 101 or more must-haves, were spread across the period of disappointing results. Further, understanding the traits and skills advocated were in the toolbox of nominal leaders amidst the failures leading to crises.

According to a still relevant 2017 McKinsey Quarterly article, “there is overwhelming evidence that the plethora of services, books, articles, seminars, conferences, and TED-like talks purporting to have the answers–a global industry estimated to be worth more than $50 billion–are delivering disappointing results.” As a matter of fact, over the past decades, those who study leadership said a crisis exists and a need for more studies (Funk & Kennedy, 2017; Ng & vanDuinkerken, 2021; Nohria & Khurana, 2010; Rosenthal, 2012; Stokes, 2017). Also, there were assertions of deficiencies and a lack of coherency in research (Bendell & Little, 2015; Emler, 2019; Ko et al., 2017; Wang & Hackett, 2020). Leadership’s grand theory, SULT, and the first licensing contribute to the start of a paradigm shift.

First Licensing Context

A foreign-invested firm in South Korea involved in the first licensing completed the purchase for a hefty upfront sum. The Republic of Korea produced titans such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors, and others in their respective fields. South Korea is also at the top of the list in education. According to OECD, South Korea is one of the most educated countries in the world. The license issued this month in a country with one of the highest suicide rates looks to make a difference. The first licensee claims there is nothing like it and is well-founded on science and empirical evidence. That is to say, non-exclusive access to the method gives hope for the nation and a basis for growth.

Therefore, will the miracle nation become a titan in the leadership industry too? The Republic of Korea made some of its biggest and longest-lasting transformations under King Sejong. Also called Sejong the Great, King Sejong led the creation of the Korean Alphabet called Hangul. The unique alphabet provides a common means of literacy encompassing all of Korea’s people. Consequentially, the King’s effort led to a larger pool of civil servants. The King advanced the economy, public welfare, science and technology, military, and other aspects of the nation. A few of the King’s principles are underpinned by dimensions of LGT and SULT.

Patent Licensing

Maxwell Leadership Research & Development, Inc., and the founders submitted a patent application for the SULT method this year. The patent premised on LGT, the long sought-after general theory for leadership, has the potential to change the world. A license gives the parties further capacity to fulfill their mission, while collecting a lump sum, royalties or sell the rights. A license agreement authorizes another party to use or develop with the model commercially for a specific period. The founding parties plan to contact top developers for further licensing of SULT around the world.

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