Leadership’s Grand Theory

Leadership Holy Grail, with leadership’s grand theory; the long-sought-after grand theory by a generation of scholars is in press. As observed throughout the world, leadership as it is commonly understood, is degraded, inflicted harm, and fails. As a result, the same contributed to the loss of blood, treasure, and the right living of people globally

LGT: A World Changing Breakthrough

A world changing breakthrough is uncovered by the discovery of leadership’s grand theory (LGT). Such a breakthrough has never been in such demand, given a context of multiple crises around the world. The long-sought-after grand theory for leadership makes bold assertions in times when leadership gets low confidence ratings in top polls. Further, trust opinions

What Do Crises Say About Leadership?

Observed global crises speak volumes about the state of leadership as commonly understood. Through world events, the world can see leadership development, practice, and over 90% of the theories are failing. COVID-19, the fall of the Afghan Government, the Ukraine invasion, governmental divisions, and uprisings in Iraq and Sri Lanka are just a few pieces


According to Ronald Heifetz, Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and co-founder of Cambridge Leadership Associates, leadership is not necessarily related to a position, but related to the practice. The Maxwell Leadership Institute is leading a paradigm shift in the leadership space with